Common Failures And Repair Methods Of Rexroth Swash Plate Plunger Pump

Rexroth swash plate plunger pumps have greater displacement and smaller volume than straight plunger pumps. The centrifugal force helps the return of the plunger, reduces the diameter of the flow plate, and reduces the movement of the flow surface of the cylinder. A series of advantages such as line speed are welcomed by our customers. However, there are many people who use it, and it is accompanied by the frequent occurrence of various failures. Today, Runfront will explain the common failures and maintenance methods of Rexroth swash plate plunger pumps. Common failure conditions and corresponding maintenance methods are as follows:


First: The diameter of the oil suction pipe is too small or bent too much, the oil surface is too low, and the air on the oil surface is drawn into the pump, causing the pump to be too noisy. Use sufficient oil to reduce oil viscosity and strengthen oil cooling to solve this problem.

Second: The capacity of the oil tank is too small or the system has no cooling device. If the internal leakage of the pump is too large, the temperature of the oil will rise too high. Increase the volume of the oil tank and add a cooling device to reduce the temperature of the oil.

Third: The filter screen is clogged, the suction resistance is too large, the oil distribution plate or the cylinder surface is gnawed, and the seal is not good enough to make the oil pump flow insufficient. Generally, sufficient oil is added, the filter screen is cleaned, and the plunger is replaced to solve this problem.


Fourth: Due to the high surface requirements of the ball socket of the sliding shoe, after a period of time, the wear will cause the loosening of the fit gap with the plunger ball head. Generally, press again on the press or replace the plunger pair.

Fifth: The oil quality is too poor, impurities or dirt are sucked into the pump. Long-term operation of the valve disc at high temperature will cause the valve end face of the cylinder to wear or burn out, so the structure inside the pump must be cleaned frequently.

Common faults and repair methods of Rexroth swash plate type plunger pumps. Ottos listed the above five phenomena for you. These situations are the most common in Rexroth swash plate type plunger pumps. In the more than ten years of maintenance experience of Runfront, hundreds of repairs have been made to the faults caused by the above five situations. Therefore, it is specifically listed here, hoping that we can reduce the damage rate of Rexroth swash plate piston pumps.