Common failures in maintenance of hydraulic motors of mixer trucks

The mixer truck is a very common construction machinery in our lives, and its internal hydraulic system is also used to achieve the purpose of operation. Because the working environment of the mixer truck is relatively harsh, many hydraulic pumps or hydraulic motors inside the mixer truck malfunction. For mixer trucks that use hydraulic motors, low output speed and output torque are common failures in the maintenance of hydraulic motors for mixer trucks. Let’s take a look at the causes and solutions:


Concrete mixer truck repair
1. Analysis of the reasons for the low output speed and output torque caused by insufficient fuel supply:
① The filter of the suction port of the oil supply hydraulic pump is clogged Solution: The oil filter can be cleaned
② Excessive oil drilling solution: Solution: replace the excessively suitable oil
③ The axial or radial gap is too large and other reasons. Solution: Grind the stator or other related parts to make the axial or radial gap meet the requirements
2. Analysis of the reasons for the low output speed and output torque of the prime motor (electric motor or internal combustion engine) power or speed of the hydraulic motor:
① The power of the prime mover does not match Solution: Replace the prime mover to match the power of the hydraulic pump
②The speed of the prime mover is lower than the rated speed Solution: Select the prime mover whose speed meets the requirements

Repair of hydraulic motor of concrete mixer truck


3. The joints are not tightly sealed and air is mixed. Solution: Check and tighten the joints to improve the sealing performance
4. The working medium is contaminated and the internal channel of the hydraulic motor is blocked. Solution: Disassemble, carefully clean and replace the clean working medium
5. The medium cat is too small, which leads to an increase in internal leakage. Solution: replace the medium with suitable salary
6. The valve disc and blade are worn and the internal leakage is large. Solution: Solution: Repair or replace the relevant parts
7. Poor sealing of the check valve in the hydraulic system Solution: Repair the seat of the check valve or replace the relevant parts to make the valve seat tightly close to the steel ball
8. Overflow valve failure in hydraulic system Solution: Repair or replace the overflow valve
The above is the reason for the low output speed and output torque of the hydraulic motor of the mixer truck and their relative solutions. In the maintenance of the hydraulic motor of the mixer truck, this is just a common relatively simple failure phenomenon. Of course, the above situation is for reference only. The actual fault phenomena and maintenance methods have to be analyzed on the basis of the specific situation on the spot.