Repair method of kwasaki brand excavator

Among all construction machinery, excavator is the most common one. You can see the excavator under construction everywhere. Among the excavators, Komatsu excavator is undoubtedly very popular. There are many people who use it, and it is inevitable that there will be a failure. When the hydraulic system has problems, what should be the steps of repairing the hydraulic pump of Komatsu excavator?


As we know, the hydraulic pump of Komatsu excavator is divided into structures, mainly including gear pump, vane pump, etc. The following uses gear pump as an example to introduce the fault and its diagnosis. The most common failures of gear pumps are wear of the pump body and gears, cracks in the pump body and mechanical damage. Generally, the above situation must be overhauled or replaced.

In our past experience, the common faults of gear pumps are: severe noise and pressure fluctuations; insufficient oil delivery: hydraulic pumps are abnormal or biting. When our Komatsu excavator has the above situation, we should shut down the machine in time for a comprehensive inspection. When this happens, we should focus on the following parts:

First: the filter of the pump: the filter of the pump is blocked by dirt and cannot play the role of oil filtering

Second: Axial clearance and radial clearance: If the clearance between the two is too large, it will lead to insufficient oil delivery.

Third: Pump part: Check the pump body for cracks and leaks


Fourth: Check the oil: Check whether the oil temperature is too high or the viscosity of the oil is too high. This phenomenon is also easy to cause insufficient oil delivery of the hydraulic pump.

Fifth: Oil level: To check whether the oil level is too low and the oil supply is insufficient.

Sixth: Coupling: Check the concentricity of the coupling with the motor, whether there is insufficient concentricity.

In general, the repair of Komatsu excavator hydraulic pump can be detected through the above steps. When the machine has problems, it should be step by step according to the normal method. Don’t be anxious and be good at finding problems in the hydraulic pump. If there is a situation that you cannot solve, you should contact the hydraulic pump repair company and let a professional hydraulic pump repairer come to repair the hydraulic pump of Komatsu excavator.