What is the maintenance method for the hydraulic system of mine roadheader?

What is the maintenance method for the hydraulic system of mine roadheader? The hydraulic system of coal mine roadheader is composed of hydraulic pump station, cutting head lifting hydraulic cylinder and shovel plate hydraulic cylinder. In order to accurately and quickly repair the fault of the hydraulic system of the roadheader, the phenomenon and the occurrence process of the fault point are found. The maintenance method of the hydraulic system is to first components, then components, then external then internal, first simple and then complex, layer by layer anatomy.
Maintenance method of hydraulic system of mine roadheader
1. Factors to be considered for the maintenance failure of the hydraulic system of the roadheader
1. The pressure is adjusted according to the specified pressure of each circuit of the roadheader. It is easy to cause the hydraulic oil to heat up and the oil temperature rises. If it exceeds 70 ° C, the roadheader cannot work normally (the working mechanisms are not strong). The pressure is low and it cannot be fully utilized. Roadheader performance.
2. The speed of the tunneling machine has nothing to do with the pressure, and the speed of the operation is related to the flow rate. The greater the flow rate, the faster the speed.
3. Cooling water must be used when the machine is running, otherwise the oil temperature of the roadheader will rise and the roadheader will not work properly.
4. The oil suction filter and oil return filter of the hydraulic circuit should be cleaned regularly, otherwise mechanical impurities will enter the hydraulic system, wear out the hydraulic components, and cause the hydraulic system to leak.
2. Maintenance method of hydraulic system of roadheader
In order to repair faults accurately and quickly, find the phenomenon and occurrence process of the fault point, the repair method is to first component and then component, then external and internal first and then simple and complex, layer by layer anatomy.
1. Mark the parts first
First of all, whether the repair is an electrical fault, a mechanical fault or a hydraulic fault. The cutting part of the roadheader is driven by the motor through the stage planetary gears. The fault type is only the electrical part and the mechanical part 2 type of fault, and it is relatively independent and easy to repair. The crawler, star wheel and cylinders are located in the same hydraulic system, and the pump and triple pump share the same drive motor and electrical control system. It is also easy to repair whether it is an electrical fault or other faults. When the electrical fault is eliminated, the action of the above parts can be used The progress of the situation and the pressure situation has narrowed down to the failure of the oil pump or the failure of certain parts. When repairing the operation and pressure of each part, first check the outside for obstacles, and measure the pressure of each oil circuit by selecting the valve.
Maintenance method of hydraulic system of mine roadheader

2. From parts to components
After determining the location, according to the phenomenon of the fault, use the causality diagram hydraulic system diagram fault tree analysis, pressure parameter analysis component replacement and isolation to find the rest components one by one, that is, the fault point, such as according to the cutting machine can not swing up and down and then operate Lower the left and right swing cylinders, if it is normal, it means that there is no problem with the common parts such as the double left pump. At this time, you should first check whether the connecting parts of the jack are normal, then check whether the outer part of the height-adjusting jack is deformed, whether the joint is leaking, and then check the control valve. If the control valve is normal, check the pressure control valve and check valve.